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After the breakup of former Yugoslavia, created independent states, all of which have little to offer in tourism. Although Slovenia is one of the smaller States, but its 47 km coastline between Italy and Croatia over the Istria peninsula offers wonderful beaches, ideal climate, the entire infrastructure and quality services for a pleasant holiday by the sea. The northern part of Slovenia to the Alpine mountain ranges, making this country you can also select a target winter holiday-related quality skiing opportunities. A pleasant holiday resorts in:



In the last bay of the Croatian border where it is already on the other side to see the Croatian resorts Kanegra and Savudrija, lies one of the most important tourist centers of Slovenia - Portoroz with its Mediterranean atmosphere and seaside promenade offers visitors a marina, casino, tennis courts, diving center, swimming pools. Make your holidays -> vacation Primorska



Savinjska region offers in Alpine glacial valleys corners of untouched nature. Several thermal and climatic spas, such as Rimske Toplice or Olimia at the small town Podčetrtek. Places and castles with an interesting history. At the medieval town Celje is Smartinska Lake, the largest lake in Slovenia. -> vacation Savinjska



The region of Gorenjska is Slovenia's highest mountain Triglav in the middle of a protected area Triglav National Park, in the mountains of the Julian Alps. Kranjska Gora offers many opportunities for sports activities in summer and winter. Resort with legendary romantic Lake Bled with a castle in the middle of the coastal cliff and attracts visitors. -> vacation Gorenjska

Vacation Slovenia

Did you not find what you were searching for? Send us an email or call us. We will prepare the best holiday offer according to your request in any Slovenian resort, even one you do not see in the list above. If you did not choose from offer of vacation in Slovenia, go ahead choosing your stay in other seaside resort of the Mediterranean or check inland with lakes and mountains:

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Slovenian resorts

The smallish country adjacent to known countries and destinations such as Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary will be harder to look for something by the European traveler was surprised and astonish. Although the centers and Venetian Riviera Istria are our tourists in large numbers visited Slovenia is quite a feat connected with a holiday by the sea. Nevertheless, it is 47 km coast between Italy and Croatia negligible.

The country itself is interesting by its nature, more than half the territory is forested. Also offers a rich subterranean world of beauty. From the Adriatic coast not far into the Alps, the highest peak in Slovenia Triglav with 2,864 m From a tourist point of view it is nevertheless important road network - the highway leading here, charged by the highway signs - a significant advantage for tourists is the Slovak membership in the Eurozone countries, so there is no need to change money before traveling. Tourists is also important airport in the capital Ljubljana, Maribor is smaller and mostly private flights serving the airport near the seaside Portoroz.

The country is divided into 7 traditional regions: Prekmurje, Styria, Koroška, Dolenjska, Notranjska, Gorenjska and Priorska. The latter, Slovak coast, which includes two provinces in the north and inland Goriška whole coastal area is contained in the province of Slovenian Istria. After the capital is the second most important part of the country, it is the only access to the sea and therefore important ports and revenue from tourism.

Koper - the largest city in the Littoral, although less than 50tis. population, but is significant throughout the North Adriatic. Until recently was in second place in Trieste and Croatia Rijeka before, but in 2010 already surpassed Trieste. In doing so, with Italy and its culture is linked to town a long common history, today is a bilingual city - says the Slovenian and Italian - as well as monuments commemorating the nearby Venice. See Loggia in Venetian gothic style, Prétorský Palace, Church of the 12th century Carmine Rotunda and St. Stephen's Cathedral. Nazari, with a tower from the 14th century. Geographically, the first major city of Koper Slovenian coast, from Trieste, it is only a polostrovček, which crosses the state border.

Piran - as a medieval museum in the open air, ospievané romantic town with narrow streets and typical red roofs you do not miss when visiting Slovenia - at least for lunch in one of the fish restaurants. Piran is one of the greatest attractions of the country, although it's only a tiny town at the tip of the peninsula. Its history dates back to Roman times when they lived here said pirates also worrying the northern Adriatic seas. Later he became part of the Roman Empire, it was further developed in 1909, there were even introduced the first trolley buses in the Balkans, the city associated with southwards Portoroz. Later he was replaced by the tram. The main square is named after the composer and violinist Giuseppe Tertini above which rises the Cathedral. George.

Izola - "taliančinári" immediately identify the name of this town, which derives from "Isola" which means island. Looking at the map but is not quite clear why the city has just such a name. However, once the old fishing town south of Koper was an island. Only during the Napoleonic governments were the crumbling walls and used to fill the channel, that separating it from the mainland. In 1820 they found a thermal spring and began to develop tourism. Today there are many hotels, the famous disco Ambassade Gavioli, galleries, summer concerts are held and a film festival.

Portoroz - in the last Gulf over the Croatian border where already on the opposite bank is Croatian or Kanegra Savudrija, lies one of the most important tourist centers in Slovenia. Resort with a Mediterranean atmosphere and the seaside promenade offers visitors not only a yacht marina, casino, sports facilities (tennis courts, diving center, swimming pools). In the nearby village Sečovlje the adjacent international airport. For years the city hosts an international sculpture symposium, where viewers can watch the artists create their works. Their creations can be seen the "live" in the park Forma Viva, where entry is free. Port of Roses, which is a translation of the name of the town is also famous for his (or close - Thalasso Spa in Strunjan) spa, active healing mud in combination with a Mediterranean climate and sea water very well. Although many better hotels in the resort therefore offers its own wellness centers and services. Coast as the whole of Slovenia is similar to Croatian Istria dissected and gravel - flint. In Portoroz, however, see the urban public and private hotel beach where access is possible for the fee to guests who staying in these hotels are not. The main beach resort in the sand, equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs, their rent is charged, admission is free. Sand is the only area for sunbathing, access to the sea is for chips.

In addition to coastal towns in Slovenia worth mentioning are the ski resorts in the northwest of the country (about 80) to produce international level skiers, thermal baths mostly in the Southeast, which once discovered by the Romans and today attracts Russians, Germans and Italians, wine from around Maribor where growing supposedly the oldest vines in the world. Above the lake of Bled Julian Alps panorama rises one of the many medieval castles, in the middle of the lake again the only natural island in the country with the church from the 15th century, where marriages are held regularly. There's also more than 9,000 karst caves. But what will be distinguished by the year 2011 in Slovenia, which sometimes do not register the "homecoming", password yearlong celebration of the 20th anniversary of becoming independent Slovenian, which will be accompanied by various events and programs. Action should culminate in early June this summer.