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Slovakia has offered the most common requirement for holidaymakers - more, but in other areas of tourism, which offer its visitors. The main objective of foreign tourists is the capital city of Bratislava, a medium-sized European metropolis. Equally interesting are the world's smallest mountain range in the High Tatras, recreational areas near lakes and dams. Great visitors enjoy Slovak spas. Typical holiday in Slovakia spent getting to know the local tourism and natural beauty.

Bratislava and vicinity

Bratislava and vicinity

Holiday in Slovakia would not be complete without a visit to the capital Bratislava, which is the biggest magnet for visitors heading for Slovakia. Bratislava is the economic, cultural, economic and political center of Slovakia. The region of Bratislava (Western Slovakia region) can offer in addition to tour the capital city of sun bathing lakes culinary recognition.


Tatranský region

The most famous and the most attractive region of Slovakia visitors of Tatras region with its High Tatras and Belianske Tatras. They are the smallest high mountains in the world. Thanks to the appropriate conditions are created climatic spa, hiking trails, ski resorts and ski slopes. Accommodations amount of equipment, from mountain huts to luxury hotels. Aquacity Poprad is open year-round thermal and wellness center overlooking the Tatra peaks. Another attraction is rafting the river Dunajec and visit Stará Ľubovňa Castle.


Liptovský region

The Liptov region is situated in the valley between the ridges of the Low Tatras and the High Tatras. It is richest in diversity of natural conditions and tourism and sports activities for all categories. There are excellent conditions for hiking, hang gliding, various water sports on the dam Liptovská Mara. There is also a large thermal bath complex with wellness, Bešeňová. In winter there are excellent conditions for skiing in several ski resorts, such as Jasná pod Chopkom.


Gemerský region

Gemerský region is located between three national parks: Slovak Paradise, Muráň Plateau and Slovak Karst. The best known of 1.100 karst cave Domica is registered on Unesco World Heritage List. The manor house Betliar with a collection of art and books is set in an English park, the largest prim gardens in Slovakia. It belongs to the list of world historical gardens. Another attraction of the region are numerous herds of Slovak mountain horse, in the village of Muráň the ranch rodeo is held every year.

Ipeľský region

Ipeľský region lies to the south of central Slovakia. From the time of Turkish invasion there remained castle ruins Modrý Kameň, Divin, Čabraď. Today they are the richest one occurrence of reptiles in Slovakia. Hiking trails and bicycle paths provide sports. The water reservoir Ružiná offers relaxation water sports. The town Lučenec there are several historical monuments. Thermal springs Dudince, Santovka and Dolná Strehová has been introduced since the mid-19th century. Today they are on them spas with wellness hotels and thermal baths.

Nitriansky region

Nitriansky region have its name according to the oldest town in Slovakia. The first written mention of the city of Nitra dates back to 826, from the Great Moravian Empire. It is dominated by the Nitra Castle and cathedral St. Emerám from 11th century. The tourist attractions here is the most visited castle in the renaissance style Bojnice, Bojnice Zoo, the oldest and bigest in Slovakia, and a thermal pool. Topoľčianky manor house with a garden of rare woods and fields of the forest animals.

Zemplínsky region

Zemplínsky region lies in the easternmost part of Slovakia. Center of the region is the town of Michalovce. Also nearby is the "Slovak sea“, Zemplínska Šírava water reservoir with a high number of sunny days and warm water. Important status has Tokaj wine-growing region near the town of Trebišov. Although the smallest wine region, the quality and uniqueness is one of the most famous. In the northeastern part of the preserved natural environment of the National Park Poloniny.

Záhorský region

Záhorský region is forested lowlands on the western edge of Slovakia, in the neighborhood Austria and the Czech Republic. Typical towns of the region are Malacky with a large Franciscan church and Skalica with rotunda Sv. George from the 11th century. In the west it is bordered by the river Morava and the Small Carpathians mountains east, north Myjavská hills. A region with flat terrain is ideal for biking, planted forests provided shade and natural water reservoirs provide a pleasant refreshment.

Turčiansky region

Turčiansky region is located in the Turiec Basin circumscribed mountains. On its territory there are nature reserves and one national natural preserved area in the Carpathian forests, the richest yew location in Europe. The historical center of the region is the city of Martin. Housed here Ethnographic Museum, National Historic Landmark cemetery celebrities. The spa Turčianske Teplice is frequented Spa Aquapark, thanks to thermal mineral springs.

Šarišský region

Šarišský region lies in the western part of Eastern Slovakia. The town of Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia. Every year there runs the International Marathon running oldest in Europe. Near the city of Prešov is a museum with preserved equipment for mining rock salt from the 17th century. Another curiosity are the opal mines near the village Dubnik, for centuries the only opal mines in the world. The historic city center Bardejov is written in Unesco list. Bardejov are known since the 15th century.

Spišský region

Spišský region is rich in natural beauties in Slovak Paradise National Park, where hiking trails are replaced by seats embedded in the rock step irons over the river Hornád or ladders above the falls. The region is also rich in historical monuments in the town Spišská Nová Ves with the highest church tower in Slovakia, Levoča with the highest wooden Gothic altar in Central Europe, writen in the Unesco list as well as Spišký Castle, the most widespread in Central Europe, along with the Spišská Kapitula and the small church in the village of Žehra.

Považský region

Považský region lies in the basin of the river Váh, the longest river in Slovakia. The biggest cities of the region are Žilina, Trenčín and Trnava. Ancient former royal cities are today regional centers. The region along the river Váh has preserved most medieval castles guarding. The best preserved castles Strečno, Čachtice, Beckov, Trenčín. There are also spa of international importance. Piešťany, Trenčianske Teplice, Rajecké Teplice. In the mountains Malá Fatra is important ski resort Vrátna.

Pohronský region

Pohronský region is located in the central part of Slovakia in the basin of the river Hron, which is the geographical center of Europe. The area is known since the Middle Ages rich deposits of precious metals. Centum medieval European mining was in the city Kremnica, Banská Bystrica and Banská Štiavnica belonging to cultural monument by Unesco. Tourist attractions are the mountains Štiavnické Vrchy, with Spa Sklené Teplice and Low Tatras where there are several ski resorts.

Podunajský region

Danube region is located in the southwestern part of Slovakia. The arms of the Danube River with preserved flora and fauna and water mill gave rise to a protected area. Komarno with its monuments is historically the most important towns in the region. The region is the richest in thermal springs, which have helped to develop thermal and wellness complexes in places Dunajska Streda, Velky Meder, Štúrovo, Podhájska. On the Danube River and dam Gabčíkovo excellent conditions for all water sports and activities.

Oravský region

Oravský region lies in northwestern Slovakia, in close vicinity to Poland. The region is rich on folk traditions. The greatest monument is Orava Castle from the thirteenth century in Oravský Podzámok. Today, after the reconstruction it is the most visited castle in Slovakia. There are excellent conditions for tourists. The water reservoir Orava. Near Meander Park Oravice with thermal water. Rafting on the river Orava on rafts. Smaller ski resorts are near the village Habovka and Zuberec in Roháče mountains.

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