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The amount of opportunities for healthy physical exercise in a lush pine forest along the beach in Rosolina Mare. The site offers visitors a wide choice of sports from sailing on a yacht through horseback riding, tennis, bike, or speed boats, swimming or beach volleyball. And regardless of the choice, here you'll find excellent facilities, which provides a friendly and qualified staff.

Apartments and Residences Rosolina Mare

Apartments and Residences Rosolina Mare

Apartments and Residences Rosolina Mare are distributed across different Rosolina Mare center, 50 to 800 m from the center. Apartments are located in apartments homes, villas and residences.



Village Mediterraneo is located in the center Rosolina Mare, only 200 meters from the center.

Vacation Rosolina Mare

Rosolina Mare is emerging as a tourist resort south of Venice until 1960. It was rapidly developed in the spirit of intelligent system, which put emphasis on the requirements of tourists, but given the importance of protecting the natural environment. The belt of very fine sand with dunes and oak grove is twelve miles long, elongated between the Adriatic Sea and the northern parts of the lagoon delta of the River Po. The slow entry into the sea is safe and suitable especially for small children.

Our recommendations: Rosolina Mare holiday is suitable for everyone, especially the sea breaks for families with young children.

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The Italian region of Veneto is one of the most important holiday areas not only in Italy but throughout Europe and in the global tourism industry. Convenient location for most Europeans coming from the north on vacation in Italy. Venetian Riviera for them near the sea, plus local resorts provide ample space for thousands of holidaymakers on beaches and in bed capacity. Lido di Jesolo, Bibione, Caorle is one of the largest resorts on the Mediterranean Sea.
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Do you love the sea, monuments, beautiful town, skiing, shopping, fashion, football, fast cars, romantic countryside, good wine, ice cream or pizza? Italy Holidays is a solution for you. In addition, Italy is one of the safe tourist destinations, provides one of the widest ranges of travel desires. Ideal countryside for summer and winter holidays and unforgettable experience for your entire family.
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