Puglia - Salento

Another part of the region of Puglia, Salento is a peninsula dividing the Adriatic and Ionian sea, that meet at cape Santa Maria di Leuca. The area is characterized with ample subtropical vegetation and very favorable climate. Thanks to the crystal clear sea, this region is ideal for scuba diving. Porto Cesaro, a fishing town in the west, has long sandy beaches and rock cliffs.

Accommodation Puglia - Salento

Long sandy beaches and low rock cliffs are a characteristic feature of this region. The picturesque centre and a typical fishing port with restaurants serving delicious fish specialties, popular even among locals from the nearby town Lecce, create a very pleasant vacation atmosphere. Lido Marini, a lovely resort by the Ionian sea, is located between the towns of Santa Maria di Leuca and Gallipoli. Torre del Orso is a town on the shore of one of the nicest Italian seas with wide beaches with fine-grained sand and several lime cliffs attractive for scuba diving lovers. Otranto is a nearby town offering an exciting night-life.