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New in our catalog and on the web-market - the island of Pantelleria deliver exotic destinations lovers who like to know new landscapes. Italian island of Pantelleria is the nearest African continent lies only 70 kilometers from the northern coast of Africa and about 85 km from Sicily. 83km2 of size not to big island, but certainly interesting. Landform is the volcanic activity.

Accommodation Pantelleria

Hotel Village SUVAKI ****

Hotel Village SUVAKI ****

Hotel Village Suvak, new 4 * Department on the island of Pantelleria is located on the tip of Punta Fram and offers spectacular views from every part of the area. The hotel consists of main and ancillary buildings. The main multi-storey building constructed in the shape of L offers sea views from almost every room.

Hotel COSSYRA ***

Hotel COSSYRA ***

Hotel Cossyra built in Mediterranean style is located at Contrada Mursi on the northwest coast of the island of Pantelleria - Italian closest point to Africa.



The newly built residence Kuddie Rose is located on the island of Pantelleria in the Contrada Mursi, the island that is closest to Africa. Built in Mediterranean style is characteristic of the contrast between the white limestone, red Tufo, black lava rock and wooden awning. Kuddie Rose is a geological term for lava on which the complex built.

Vacation Pantelleria

Know the origin of volcanic island on the beach with black lava rocks, fertile soil and the thermal springs on the island, which have up to 100 ° C.
Montagna Grande National Park (according to the highest peak on the island, 836mnm) is home to nearly 600 plant species, Pantelleria also hosts migratory bird species. Typical farm houses "dammusi" the architectural symbol of the island since the 10th century AD

The island has 11 villages located in the original Arabic names, Khamma, Bukkuram and so on. Linked are 150 kilometers of ancient roads and paths that cover the island as a spider's web. They offer walks and excursions into the pristine corners of the island where you can find Byzantine tombs, caves and admire the views of the African beacons. Do not miss the volcanic lake Specchio di Venere filled with thermal springs and shining bright colors. 38 km trails, you can also go mountain biking, which can be rented.

Visitors are attracted by the unknown, thermal baths with fango therapy, known cellars producing wine Moscato and Passito but also the possibility of diving. On the island are several certified diving schools that will allow you to dive, shoot, discover the beauty of varied animal and plant species under the sea and can discover the ancient vase or another remnant of old cultures. The menu of possible excursions, we recommend a boat trip around the island, tour the cave canoe, a trip to Tunisia and visit archaeological sights of the island.

The island is connected by ferry from congested traffic to the port of Trapani Panetellerii air and from Palermo and Trapani in Sicily, but also during the summer of urban land Milan, Bologna, Rome, Verona and Venice.

By catalog offers we have on offer accommodation facilities on the island selected apartment accommodation in the residence, 3 * and 4 * hotel portfolio. The excursions and transportation will be happy to request for more information.