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Holiday makers to the Mediterranean still did not discover much the region of Molise, only now it starts to note higher touristic demand. With the region of Abruzzo it formed unity till the end of 1963: Abruzzi. Molise with its less than 550 square metres is made up of thin mountain stretch with thick greenery inweaved with well kept castles. It is part of the world heritage of Unesco.

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The complex Acquario Residence Club is located about 800m from the center of Lido Campomarino in the region of Molise, south of the region of Abruzzo.

Molise follows up the more famous Abruzzo region in geographical and historical aspects. Still, it can offer something unique as anything not yet much discovered.

Campomarino, a resort with wide sandy beach lies among olive trees and offers wonderful views of Biferno valley and the Tremity islands. Its antic origin is confirmed by bronze items from the 6th century before Christ. A legend says that a Greek warrior Diomedes comming back from the Trojan war married a daughter of local king and later on was burried on Tremity Islands nearby.