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On the north, where it borders with Switzerland, Italy is one of the largest regions of Lombardia. The capital is Milan, a city of fashion, fairs, shopping and football. Lombardy stretches from the snowy Alpine peaks to green Po plain, where nature, history, art and culture intersect in harmony with the fashion, entertainment and lifestyle trends.

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Hotel Villaggio San Carlo consists of seven 3-poschových buildings built in alpine style, that are interconnected tunnels and interior staircase. Located in the center of Livigno (duty free zone) at an altitude of 1,830 meters. Livigno center is located about 1.5 km. The nearest railway Teola Pianoni Bass is 200 m.

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Almost all kinds of countries are found in Lombardy, just the transition from steep alpine štvortisícových peaks, where climbers seeking their trump cards and mature travelers. On the mountain slopes Camonica, Valchiavenna or Valtellina, where many are heading for recreational skiers in the winter months to zalyžovali the perfect slopes in Bormio, Livigno, Tonale. Continuing down through deep valleys with crystal clear mountain lakes or large lakes Lago di Garda, Como and Magiore that attract tourists to an active summer holiday by the water near the mountains, castles, parks and picturesque towns such as Sirmione, Salo, Garda. From the Alpine slopes, we come to the lowlands, which fertilizes the river Po. Po Valley, the gleams of the amount of large bodies of water to the fertile soil to be used in the production of Italian rice, a tradition of people and countries Lomellina.

Lombardia satisfy every visitor who searches for skiing, natural beauty, tourism, cultural and historical monuments, architecture. If you decide to vacation in Lombardy, not even you miss church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, where the major famous fresco of Leonardo da Vinci - Last Supper. Svetoznámejšia architectural and musical icon is Milan's opera La Scala and the Duomo cathedral, built of white marble dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Major world fairs and exhibitions especially in fashion is also the prerogative of the capital of Lombardy. True football fan should sample the atmosphere of one of the most famous football stadiums of the world Milan's San Siro, especially in the home derby with AC Milan Inter Milan.

Monza is famous auto-moto-Droma, a racing track on which flow cars Formula 1 Grand Prix of Italy. The tour is the Villa Reale, a former royal residence and also the local cathedral with exposure Iron Crown, which hides the nail right on the cross of crucifixion. The city of Brescia offers an interesting monastery of Saint Salvatore, in Cremona is familiar with the tradition of the brand's most famous Stradivari violins. Pavia is a university town known as the city one hundred towers and the famous castle Visconti. Major ski resorts of Alta Valtellina Bormio and Livigno are the world leaders, Livigno is attractive as a shopping place, as it lies in the free zone on the border with Switzerland.

Lombardy and its mountains, lakes and plan to offer quality opportunities for spending holidays in nature, sports, pilgrimage, or getting to know the country and its monuments. Mountains in summer provide an opportunity for Adamello climbers or hikers on countless trails. In winter you can go skiing very well in Livigno, Bormio, or Aprica. Lakes Garda and Como provide opportunities for swimming, boating, water skiing, rafting, trekking, mountain biking. Stelvio glacier in summer hosts many keen skiers and national teams. The following positions attract food lovers and wine experts to attend wine route, which may miss Franciacorta, the world famous sparkling wine.

Vacation Italy

Do you love the sea, monuments, beautiful cities, skiing, shopping, fashion, football, fast cars, romantic countryside, fine wine, ice cream or pizza? Italy Holidays is a solution for you. Moreover, Italy is a safe tourist destination, provides one of the broadest menus for traveler's desire. The ideal country for summer and winter holidays and unforgettable experience your whole family.
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