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Ski resort has a suburban character of the area of winter, so here goes number of local skiers from the nearby district town Liptovsky Mikulas. From the edge of the village Severe Poruba Opalisko goes to the top of the ski lift and two-seat car. The steepest slope leading vertex in Slovakia - Opalbühel black, passing into red and blue.

Accommodation Opalisko

Pension ŽIVKA - skipas included

Pension ŽIVKA - skipas included

Pension Živka is located in the village Závažná Poruba, close to bus stop regular bus lines

Ski resort Opalisko

Altitude: ___, season: ___, snow making: ___
Ski slopes: total: ___, easy: ___, medium: ___, difficult: ___
Ski lifts: total: ___, drag lifts: ___, chair lifts: ___, cabins: ___, skibus: ___
Skipass: (6-day) ___

Skiing Opalisko

Slovakia is rich in many smaller resorts that you can enjoy, spread all over the country. If you want to check other ski vacations - possibilities of skiing Slovakia you can go ahead and check winter holiday in Slovak ski resorts on following website - Skiing Slovakia.