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Privacy Policy

in company Reny Travel Ltd., Brodská 416/5, Bratislava, Slovakia

1. Purpose of processing of personal data

Travel Agency Reny Travel Ltd. based in Brodská 416/5, Bratislava, through its websites collects and processed also personal data. For providing customer service it is essential to process personal data, in particular those necessary for performance of the tour in which the person concerned is acting as one party of the contract, or to introduce pre-contractual relations, or for other actions done on request of the person concerned.

Processing of personal data is performed with the utmost care in accordance with valid laws on protection of personal data. The purpose of collecting and processing of personal data is to ensure the following:

1.1 Reservation, booking and purchase of tour / stay

The purchase of tour, stay, accommodation and travel is connected with acts such as correspondence with the client, reservation of accommodation facilities – hotels, apartments, securing the travel, booking flight tickets, broking travel insurance etc. Here we need the name, surname, address and other of your personal data to insure the booking is processed properly.

1.2 Marketing Activities

Some visitors of our websites ask Reny Travel to send them catalogues, updated news in offer, which can be done in form of mailing, newsletters, fact sheets, some are interested in updated last-minute offers, sending propagation materials and gifts, participation in competitions and similar. Also in these cases we need personal data as e-mail address, phone number, name, surname etc.


2. The scope of procession of personal data

Personal data can range through title, name, address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address, in case of dealing with complaint the bank account number, in payment process credit card number and the like. For different purposes we collect personal data of varying size, but always only those necessary to ensure a particular purpose.

Sometimes it is sufficient to collect name and email address for delivery of required information requested by filling in a form on our web site. The delivery of original documents (contracts, tickets, etc.) we need to know your name and postal address. At the execution of the travel contract the extent of personal data is even wider. Personal data of the co-travelling people that you provide to us as the ordering person are processed with the same care.

In our information systems we do not process sensitive personal data, such as birth identification number etc.


3. Disclosure of personal data to third parties and transfer abroad

Personal data will not be provided to third parties except as allocated by law (state authorities, court decision, etc.) and our external suppliers such as hotels, transport operators, guides, insurance companies and the like, who are directly providing services for clients of travel agency Reny Travel.

Personal data are processed exclusively on corporate computers and servers within information systems, which are not accessible by public network and Internet. Processing is provided by authorized persons - employees or agents of Reny Travel in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 428/2002. Our services can be purchased through a network of affiliated sellers and agents of Reny Travel, a list of which is published on our website. Our privacy policies are in full force for our agents as well. We are keen to ensure that your privacy is in maximum safety.

The business of travel agency Reny Travel is often connected with providing services abroad. To our business partners abroad (hoteliers, local tour operators, airlines, etc.) who provide these services for our clients we provide personal data of our clients to the extent necessary to ensure the purchased services. For example for booking hotel accommodation it is usually sufficient to use name and address of the person concerned, or the name, address and date of birth if it is a child with applied child discount.

Our website may link to content operated by third parties, for which the company of Reny Travel is not responsible. It is therefore necessary to make sure about the protection of personal data used by them directly at these providers.


4. Rights of the persons concerned

The person concerned has the right to request in writing information on the status and progress of processing of their personal data and evaluating the operations, about the source from which the data were collected, a list of their personal data, correction and completion of incorrect and outdated data, but also for deleting of their personal data.



If this did not cover all your questions about how we would treat your personal data, feel free to contact us            -> contact