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Frequently asked questions

    How can I book a ski holiday?

1. Choose the most suitable hotel / residence / apartment from our offer, or send us your idea of how your ski stay should look like and we will help you with the choice of suitable resort and accommodation.

2. Fill in the simple form at the end of a website displaying a hotel and send it to us. Or just call us or arrange a personal meeting even (if you happen to be nearby).

3. We will answer and confirm your request in return or offer a suitable solution for your stay within 24 working hours.

4. If you have decided, you confirm your booking by paying a deposit and the stay is yours – the reservation becomes binding.

How to fix a booking:
In order to confirm a reservation for fix you should send us date (names, addresses, birth dates) of the people travelling. We will issue a travel contract and send it to you for checking. Following you pay 50-% deposit of all booked services or a full amount already if the stay is less than 30 days from the date of reservation or in special periods, such as New Year’s stays.

5. We issue all necessary documents and send you all instructions in time, so that you forget nothing and can travel in peace. About 10 days prior to your ski holiday we will send you accommodation voucher and a voucher for any extra services booked, instructions for journey, contact on our assistance service and the like.

6. During your whole stay we are always available with our assistance service on phone and in selected resorts and periods in person through our delegates in case of any problems occurring.

7. After your return we will be happy to hear back from you about your experience from ski trip. We will be delighted to welcome you in our Reny Travel club, to use all advantages this brings. You become one automatically after your first stay with us. Your feedback is important for us!

    Why use the services of Reny Travel?

Because we save your time. And time means money. Today almost everyone surfing the web can “google-out” various accommodation offers. Those who already invested some time in this activity know that it takes a significant amount of time – mainly if you have, let’s say, more complicated request. Non-typical or top period, more rooms, more-bedded room, all of these can mean a slight “complication”. Our knowledge of the product and many good contacts and contracts enable us to react promptly and offer you interesting, flexible products.

Because we know what we offer. We love to travel ourselves and what more, we really love skiing. We visit the ski resorts we offer in person and test them. If you lack inspiration – and where this season? – we will figure out something nice together surely.

Because you arrange everything at one place. And this is again a time spare and often also money spare, getting use of advantageous packages of services. Besides accommodation for a ski holiday we arrange also skipasses, ski rental, instructors of skiing, transport, insurance for sports and liability, guides, wellness packages, activities for non-skiers… Everything depends on your fantasy (and financial potential).

Because you make a good deal. In many hotels and resorts we have special advantageous conditions and prices for our clients. In some hotels you get bonuses that are not available otherwise. In other cases the price would be comparable to the one of hotel and as our regular client you get a discount that will make the price unbeatable.

Because you deal with people you can call by name. You can call us and if interested, we can even arrange a meeting. We are at your disposal not only when you are choosing the most suitable destination and accommodation but also when you have already paid for your ski stay and even after you have returned from your ski trip. You have our contact and can reach out to our office or assistance service any time. We build on our clients’ service and prefer to work on long-term relationships based on mutual trust. Client is not just a booking number in our agency. Each client has a name here.

Because you earn a right to the services paid. Booking a tour in a travel agency earns you also the possibility to complain successfully if problems or defects occur, the right for a complaint, security of compensation in case you are in right and you get a partner who plays for you.

    Last minute bookings

With a ski holiday it is always better to book on “first moment” basis. You can avoid the stress of booking in the last possible moment, waiting if the reservation can be confirmed to pay it right away. Moreover the choice of remaining free / available accommodations is smaller. Obviously, the most interesting and attractive periods for skiing and skiing party time is the first to be sold out: New Year’s Eve including period, spring break (school holidays), Carneval, Easter. Therefore it is always better to make an advance choice. If you can.

We understand also those of you who need to wait till the period of your holiday off work is confirmed, or you have to wait for your partner’s decision, or for the group of friends you travel with. Some clients wait until the last moment possible because they are not sure about the health state their children (or themselves) will be in. In this last case we would rather suggest taking a comprehensive travel insurance that covers also cancellation fees in case you have to cancel your ski stay because of illness (depending on the insurance type it would also cover other reasons for cancellation). We recommend this to all clients in general, even those booking “last minute”.

You might have expected some information about last minute discounts. Do not count very much with them in the winter season. Not much leftovers to choose from generally. And in case there are, do not expect the leftovers to be the topmost quality. Of course, sometimes there happen to be interesting price deals few days before booking the desired period. Or it is more likely you would be able to book a short stay in a top period, if there are few remaining rooms in a hotel, as sooner they would only confirm a weekly stay. But it is more a matter of luck.

Booking first moment or last-minute, we are always happy to assist you and find the most suitable and interesting proposal no matter how far or close your skiing trip is. Just be aware of the fact, that the choice could be smaller with last moments, we could need a little more time to find the right offer and you would need to react very fast afterwards. Booking a hotel 1 year in advance might not be very soon. Some hotels are filled with clients leaving the hotel and scheduling their period right away at check-out at the reception or agency.

    How do I pay for a tour if it has to be fast?

Generally the fastest way would be paying with a credit card. We are working on this possibility, anyway it is not ready yet (ask at the time of your booking). We accept payments by bank transfer. Mostly they are done online, electronically by our clients. In case of foreign bank transfer you have to count with the fact, that most banks only accept foreign bank transfers until certain time of day (like 2PM or so).

In case we cannot hold option for a room / apartment long enough to receive the payment, it is better to do the bank transfer in a bank and send us a scanned (or a photo of) stamped bank transfer confirmation from a bank.

    What is the difference between a travel agency and a tour operator?

This is a little different situation here in our country using the terminology than in English speaking world possibly. In our country the translation of “travel agency” might sound twice – as a selling agent and as a tour operator. Tour operator is the one preparing the product, contracting hotels and other accommodations, creating packages, offering wide range of services related. An agency does not have its own product, offers only the products of other tour operators.

In Slovakia following the current laws makes all the tour operators be obliged to take an insurance against insolvency. This means that in case the company bankrupts the clients – either staying abroad currently or still waiting for their holiday but having already paid at least a part of it – would be taken care of by the insurance company that insured the tour operator. They would take the clients back home if they are left out somewhere without accommodation or they would refund those back home. The amount available for refunds is equal to the sum counted out for the insurance contract and is usually stated on the guarantee certificate. It is no imaginary number, it has to relate to the real numbers arising from the company accounting of the previous year. That is to put in short, so you know what this “insurance against insolvency” that is included in all our prices means. In case anything happens, your money is safe.

    What do the hotel pictures show, are they reclaimable?

The pictures illustrating hotel websites play an important role in deciding for certain choice. But what if you come to the spot and realize that there is a difference between your image created based on the pictures and the reality? Certainly we work on presenting the rooms, hotels or even ski resorts in the most typical and characteristic pictures. But please keep in mind that this is always relative.

1. Picture / photo is a picture / photo, reality is another thing. Maybe you can still recollect your reaction when seeing your own picture on your ID card for the first time :)

2. Not even the most realistic picture of an object is the object itself. Still 2 different things.

3. And yes, the promotional pictures are adjusted, colored, fine-tuned. They represent a significant marketing tool. We should always keep this in mind.

Here is an important information for you: The pictures used on our websites and in catalogues have a solely illustrating purpose. It is not possible to display all the rooms or apartments in each accommodation facility. Some hotels offer many various room types and even in the same room types different variations. We try to display as much of them as possible but often there is only a small choice available from the hotel or of a ski area. Those we pick up should enable you to make the best image possible.

Pictures are used for illustration, what is binding is the information stated on travel contract and in the description: accommodation facilities, hotels, hotel rooms and apartments fit to the type and room description. This means that what is binding is the numbers and text information used in hotel descriptions. The picture can look good but if you read below it that “…rooms are fitted with older furniture in a simple and purposeful way”, the idea should be adapted according to this text. Not all the hotels have their photo galleries updated each year, so the ravages of time should be taken into account.

If you are uncertain about the displayed pictures when choosing a specific accommodation, consult your choice with our colleagues. We also update the offer continuously so it is possible we have just ready some new material and will be able to update it sooner for you or just send you more pictures by email. Or we will discuss your needs and ideas and offer a more suitable solution.


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