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Bulgaria is usually known as a lately popular, economically accessible seaside destination. But for those watching the World Cup races in Alpine Skiing already the ski resort of Bansko sounds familiar for sure. In 2014 this ski resort launched also a bigger media campain to promote itself and attract skiers from western countries. This youngest ski area in Bulgaria is nevertheless the biggest, without competition in front of the others like Borovets or Pamporovo. Although Bulgarian ski resorts are still kind of exotic for our clientelle, they are attractive due to the economic parameter, which can compensate its distance from the major Alpine destinations or weaker infrastructure in the countryside. Access is provided comfortably by flight to Sofia and following transfer to accommodation. Hotels of all categories are at disposal, satisfying both tourist and demanding clientelle.

Ski resorts in Bulgaria:

imgimgimgimgimgimgSkimap BanskoSkipass Bansko


Bansko is the biggest ski resort in Bulgaria. Those who follow the races of Alpine Ski World Cup surely know this ski resort which already hosted both men and women race. Altogether 70 kilometres of ski slopes can compare to the 3-4* ski resorts in Alps. Slopes of all difficulty levels are available in approximately the same amount and so will satisfy each recreational skier.

Did you not find what you were searching for? Send us an email or call us. We will prepare the best ski offer according to your request in any Bulgarian ski resort, even one you do not see in the list above. If you did not choose from offer of skiing in Bulgaria, go ahead choosing your ski stay in another Alpine or non-alpine country:

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